Thank You for Your Hospitality

Thank You for Your Hospitality Summertime is the season of vacations, bbqs, dinner parties, and, of course, acting as host.  If you have hosted a party or been a guest in someone else’s home, you know how much planning and energy it requires.  Saying “thank you for your hospitality” is one of the most important things you can do to show your appreciation of your hosts’ efforts. How to Write a Thank You Note For Hospitality Your hosts were thoughtful enough to plan an event and invite  you, and also to make sure you were comfortable and had a good time.  The minimum you should do is send a thank you note as soon as your stay at their house or their event has ended. Your hospitality thank you note doesn’t have to be long or flowery, it simply needs to convey your gratitude. This is little bit of etiquette will go a long way with your hosts.  The basics for an effective hospitality thank you note include not only writing your thanks, but even adding a short sentence regard


The Perfect Wedding Gift

The Perfect Wedding Gift With wedding season upon us you may find yourself searching for a gift that stands out from the slew of kitchen gadgets the happy couple is sure to receive. Instead of getting a gift that will probably wind up banished to the back of a cupboard, why not get something that will bring brighten up the happy couple’s home in a way no other home accessory can compete with? With our Stargazer Club you can easily give monthly deliveries of flowers and wine to the happy couple. Fresh flowers are always a delight to receive and are the perfect gift to add some life and warmth to a newly established home.  After a stressful year of wedding planning, the happy couple is sure to appreciate a monthly delivery of flowers fresh from the farm.  Add in a bottle of wine and you are basically gifting a monthly date night for the newlyweds. With our Stargazer Club you choose to send a year’s worth of delight in one easy purchase. Our Stargazer Club subscription comes is av