Pinot Under the Tree-O

Pinot Under the Tree-O Pinot Noir is the perfect wine to give as a gift. Why? Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wines, so it pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods.  Our wine maker Wil Franklin specifically crafts all our wines to go with food. And Wil’s mantra is “What grows with it, goes with it.” Here in Northern California, our fertile river valleys are home to grass-fed beef and seasonal produce.  Our rivers are brimming with salmon and steelhead, and Humboldt Bay is one of the most renowned oyster hatcheries in the world. In our neighboring woodlands you will find wild mushrooms, wild turkey and even wild boar, which is a true local delicacy. So as you can see Pinot Noir is a perfect gift for the holidays, as it pairs with nearly every entrée you can imagine. This vintage shows the warmer side of Pinot Noir. The flavors and aromas are dark and brooding, but still light, crisp and smooth compared to Bordeaux wines. There is a touch of spice and baked fruit fl


The Perfect Wedding Gift

The Perfect Wedding Gift With wedding season upon us you may find yourself searching for a gift that stands out from the slew of kitchen gadgets the happy couple is sure to receive. Instead of getting a gift that will probably wind up banished to the back of a cupboard, why not get something that will bring brighten up the happy couple’s home in a way no other home accessory can compete with? With our Stargazer Club you can easily give monthly deliveries of flowers and wine to the happy couple. Fresh flowers are always a delight to receive and are the perfect gift to add some life and warmth to a newly established home.  After a stressful year of wedding planning, the happy couple is sure to appreciate a monthly delivery of flowers fresh from the farm.  Add in a bottle of wine and you are basically gifting a monthly date night for the newlyweds. With our Stargazer Club you choose to send a year’s worth of delight in one easy purchase. Our Stargazer Club subscription comes is av

LA Hybrid : The Perfect Hypoallergenic Flower

LA Hybrid : The Perfect Hypoallergenic Flower LA Hybrids – the name may conjure up visions of elegant-casual (red carpet meets boardwalk), but this LA represents Longiflorum and Asiatic.  These two primary categories of lilies have been hybridized to create elegant-casual flowers in a wide array of colors which have larger blossoms, stronger stems, and longer vase life than their non-hybridized counterparts. LA Hybrid lilies have the added benefit of being pollen-free, making them an ideal choice for any hypoallergenic environment. Even if an allergic reaction is not a concern in your home or office, the elimination of fragrance can actually enhance your appreciation of these particular blooms. You can display LA Hybrids wherever you please and without worrying that you’re adding to a perfect storm of environmental scents (from a coworker’s cologne or perfume to the cooking aromas of a kitchen to the essential oils in your living room.  LA Hybrids add lively beauty and natural charm

Women’s Day: The Perfect Time to Say Thank You | Stargazer BarnWomen’s Day

Women’s Day or International Women’s Day is a day meant to celebrate women from all walks of life as well as celebrating equality of genders. Celebrate Women’s Day with the perfect gift of flowers.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift 01/17/2017Barn DeskFinding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.  Whether you’re shopping for a longtime spouse, a new relationship, or just a friend, fresh flowers are sure to bring a smile to their face.  Surprising someone with flowers and wine direct to their door will delight and enchant them, while also speaking volumes about your thoughtfulness.Continue ReadingCategory:

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Flowers and Wine

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Flowers and Wine 12/12/2016Barn DeskThe Holidays-Christmas, Hanukkah, and other Winter Celebrations,  are a wonderful time of the year. It is a time to spend with your loved ones and cherish them. Part of the enjoyment is choosing the perfect present for the people you love. It can be very difficult to find something that they enjoy and would not purchase for themselves but it does not have to be.Continue ReadingCategory: