Wine Enthusiast Awards our Chardonnay a 91!

Wine Enthusiast Awards our Chardonnay a 91! Good news from the Barn Vineyard yet again! Our 2014 Chardonnay just earned itself a score of 91 from Wine Enthusiast!  Our wine rating and review will appear in their online wine database in September.   What Wine Ratings Mean Before the 1980s, most wine criticism took place by those who produced or sold wine–this clear conflict of interest didn’t always provide the best wine information for consumers.  That all changed when writer and consumer advocate, Robert Parker, came on the scene.  Aside from being today’s most recognized wine critic, it was Parker’s 100-point rating system which became the standard by which other critics rate wine, including the publication, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which was founded in 1988, just in time for the new standardized rating scale. The wine scoring system (aka the Parker Scale) rates different aspects of a varietal, breaking down the scoring to appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and overal


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