Get an M.B.A. in Gift Giving from Stargazer Barn

Get an M.B.A. in Gift Giving from Stargazer Barn Life moves fast and remembering every birthday, holiday, or anniversary can be challenging. We have all been in the situation where we have forgotten to send mom flowers for Mother’s Day, or had the birthday of our significant other sneak up on us. To help you avoid the embarrassment of missing a special day, we have put together a gift guide to help you get an MBA in gift giving! Mother’s Day- White Lilies are a Mother’s Day classic. Make sure mom knows she is loved and appreciated with a large bouquet of fragrant White Cup Lilies. Birthday- Say, “Happy Birthday!” with a bright bouquet of Tri-Color Tulips. Basically the funfetti of tulip bouquets, these will brighten up any birthday. Anniversary- Whether you have been together for two years or twenty, a dazzling bouquet of Stargazer Lilies, a bottle

What to do for a Belated Birthday

What to do for a Belated Birthday Time goes quickly and we all get busy…if you’ve just realized you’ve  let a loved one’s birthday pass you by, don’t panic! You can still send an overnight belated birthday gift.   However, don’t settle for a belated birthday gift like a hastily written card or e-card–send something thoughtful which shows that even though the date passed you by, your thoughts of them have not–give your special someone a birthday gift they will appreciate and remember. Belated Birthday Gift Ideas What says “sorry I missed your birthday” better than farm fresh flowers and wine ? Our selection of belated birthday gift collections is the perfect solution for all your gifting needs. We offer stunning collections of flowers and wine as well boxes of flowers, wine, and chocolate, and everything in between. Personalized Belated Birthday Gift You can also make a custom belated birthday gift–we have something for everyone and you can create your own special

Friendship Day with Rosé

Friendship Day with Rosé Friendship Day is a day to celebrate that beautiful, special bond between friends, and it happens on the first Sunday of August all over the world.  This year, its August 6th. Friendship day may have been posited by the greeting card industry, but it was actually the US Congress in 1935 who proclaimed  the first Sunday of August National Friendship Day. Keep in mind, at this time the world was nearing yet another World War–mistrust and resentment hung in the air.  A National Friendship Day–while it couldn’t prevent a world war–could serve to uplift the American people, and help them focus on camaraderie within. National Friendship Day eventually developed into International Friendship Day, and now, all over the world, individuals focus on honoring their bonds with one another.  Traditional celebrations include spending the day with your friend or sending cards, flowers, and gifts to friends far away.  If you’re wondering how to celebrate this day

Artisanal Business Gifts from Stargazer Barn

Artisanal Business Gifts from Stargazer Barn Working on a flower farm comes with plenty of job perks. Desks covered with beautiful bouquets are always nice. Strolling through the tulip greenhouses while drinking our morning coffee certainty never gets old. One of our favorite things, however, is getting to chat with our customers, or as we like to think of them- fellow flower lovers. We love hearing how much our customers enjoy receiving a box of our hand-wrapped bouquets, bean-to-bar chocolate, and award-winning estate wine. We know that when someone decides to send a gift from Stargazer Barn they want the recipient to be dazzled and delighted and to know that they are receiving a heartfelt gift. Receiving an artisanal experience from Stargazer Barn gives a feeling that you just don’t get from a cellophane wrapped basket. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the same artisanal quality that we provide individuals sending to friends and family members to businesse

Thank You for Your Hospitality

Thank You for Your Hospitality Summertime is the season of vacations, bbqs, dinner parties, and, of course, acting as host.  If you have hosted a party or been a guest in someone else’s home, you know how much planning and energy it requires.  Saying “thank you for your hospitality” is one of the most important things you can do to show your appreciation of your hosts’ efforts. How to Write a Thank You Note For Hospitality Your hosts were thoughtful enough to plan an event and invite  you, and also to make sure you were comfortable and had a good time.  The minimum you should do is send a thank you note as soon as your stay at their house or their event has ended. Your hospitality thank you note doesn’t have to be long or flowery, it simply needs to convey your gratitude. This is little bit of etiquette will go a long way with your hosts.  The basics for an effective hospitality thank you note include not only writing your thanks, but even adding a short sentence regard

How Do You Take Care of Your Customers?

How Do You Take Care of Your Customers? Every day should be customer appreciation day It really should. Having appreciation for your customers  is only the first step, though. Expressing that appreciation is tantamount, especially if you can do so in such a way that your customers will be reminded of that appreciation every day.  This may seem like a daunting or even impossible challenge, but here at the Barn, we have plenty of ways to achieve this.   The gift you give says a great deal to the recipient about your esteem for them.  The beauty and elegance of hand-picked and arranged fresh-cut flowers, delivered with the charm of a French Bucket Style vase, can be matched with the locally grown and bottled varietal wines from our farm’s vineyard. Savoring wine on the palate and a floral arrangement’s palette can be a synergistic experience that leaves your customer with an enduring sense of your appreciation. The wines we offer are made using small-batch production and fill the f

Wine Enthusiast Awards our Chardonnay a 91!

Wine Enthusiast Awards our Chardonnay a 91! Good news from the Barn Vineyard yet again! Our 2014 Chardonnay just earned itself a score of 91 from Wine Enthusiast!  Our wine rating and review will appear in their online wine database in September.   What Wine Ratings Mean Before the 1980s, most wine criticism took place by those who produced or sold wine–this clear conflict of interest didn’t always provide the best wine information for consumers.  That all changed when writer and consumer advocate, Robert Parker, came on the scene.  Aside from being today’s most recognized wine critic, it was Parker’s 100-point rating system which became the standard by which other critics rate wine, including the publication, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which was founded in 1988, just in time for the new standardized rating scale. The wine scoring system (aka the Parker Scale) rates different aspects of a varietal, breaking down the scoring to appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and overal